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Are you an upcoming High School or College Senior?  What an exciting time in your life!  Graduation will be here before you know it!

It is our goal to create a senior portraits experience that focuses on your true self – inside and out. Telling our clients stories as they transform into the wonderful men and women they want to be and capturing it in ways as unique as the individual they are.

First of all, our consultation will focus whom you are and what you love, we will then create a session that will include both your personality that you are and the persona you want to be and at a location that represents both.

Because our clients want to show off their portraits, there are lots of options available.  Wall portraits, canvases and collages, custom designed albums and announcements & of COURSE social media photos . . . all customized just for you!

Also? Complimentary headshot with your session . . . just one-way to jump-start your next phase!!

Book early to reserve your session with Michelle.

Everything you want to know can be found here.  SENIOR Pricing Guide

FAQS: Photoshoot | Hair & Makeup | Viewing & Ordering | What to Wear

Are you ready to join the fun?   Reserve your spot today!!

FAQs: Photoshoot | Hair & Makeup | Viewing & Ordering | What to Wear