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Tweens | Teens

Why do we need these?

First of all, these are the years of exploration. Likewise, kids today are figuring out what they like and what they don’t, who are they as individuals? Trying new activities, exploring different parts of their personalities, making new friends, and developing their own styles! The most exciting thing is that they are constantly changing and evolving!

For that reason, Almodovar Photography showcase THREE milestones . . .

AGE 10 — Double Digits . . . Wahoo!!! Love the sass that comes with these TENagers as these elementary school kids begin to express their individuality!


AGE 13 — The official TEENager!!! Whow, the changes that come along with this MILESTONE!!! Both physically and emotionally, the changes are quite dramatic! Hence, their styles and personalities are more defined than when they were 10! This is a great time to focus on the TRUE ‘in between’ stage that connects childhood and independence


AGE 16 — Awe SWEET 16 how I love thee … Parents may still see them as ‘their little boy or girl, but society sees this year as the ‘COMING OF AGE’ into adulthood. This is a time of transition and growing maturity for most teens, a time they grow into their own.

As with all our sessions, we will begin with a consultation so that we can get a feel of whom your child is and what they love, we will create a session that is fun, shows off their personality and parent approved…

Therefore, these sessions focus on two things … Who I am and What I love!

To express WHO I AM, we want to reflect of the individual style of the tween – this is where they get to choose the outfit that they believe expresses themselves.  Not to leave the parents out, the parents will also choose an outfit that they believe expresses their tween (in their eyes)

To express WHAT I LOVE, focuses on what they ‘LOVE’ at that age! It’s an integral part of their story to show what they are passionate about at each MILESTONE in their life!  They get to bring uniforms, costumes, props (balls, gloves, books, instruments, art supplies)

We are excited to offer lots of options to show off your portraits. For example, wall portraits, canvases and collages, & of COURSE social media photo . . . specifically  customized just for you!

Book early to reserve your session with Michelle to capture these moments before you blink and they are gone again.

FAQS: Photoshoot | Hair & Makeup | Viewing & Ordering | What to Wear