doing nothing much & loving it!

We need to take time in our lives to reenergize, reinvent, refocus our attention. One can never plan the perfect time to get away, but it important enough to make it happen. 

When was the last time you did nothing (or something totally different) for a whole weekend and had a blast at the same time?

We had such a weekend recently. Four friends needing a break from the pressures of work and the daily grind, head to the forest for a totally unplugged weekend. 

Since this particular weekend was expecting cold rainy conditions we made sure we brought the appropriate entertainment along. Pumpkins, board games, golf clubs, soup, firewood, you know stuff to do! 

Our only plans were chilling by the campfire and taking a hike during breaks in the rain. During one round of rainfall, we decided to carve the pumpkins we have used to decorate our campsites. So refreshing to do things that we just don’t normally find the time to do to re-energize ourselves!

We burned a lot of firewood between the light showers. You will get to know that we love our fireplace, the flames reenergize our souls so we can see clearly where we want to be. 

When we hike through the forest, marveling at the changing leaves of fall we are reminded that change is good! The fall season reminds us to let go of old habits to make way for new growth in the spring. Hence, we look forward to this downtime to refocus on where we want to grow and what we want to let go of. Often times, growth feels like a long road with an unknown destination. We know we are going somewhere and it will be exciting when we get there!

Remember, at the end of the day it is not the destination but the journey we take!