You may have heard of the TV show called Hoarders.  

Luis and I watched our first episodes a few months ago and we got to thinking really hard, wondering if we were falling into some level of hoarding.

We have typically moved every 3-5 years (the military life does that) so we have always gotten an opportunity to ‘clean house’ with every move.  It never fails that half of what we own never seems to quite fit in our new home, so off to Goodwill it goes.  (Literally a garage full of stuff)

We made a conscious decision, when we purchased the home we are in now, to stay put.  If we are ever going to retire and stay in place, this one is it!!!  

So, here we are 10 years later and we are watching this show, Hoarders and looking at one another with that I know what you have stashed in the closet.   Now, we are no where near the people profiled in the show, who are often suffering from a disease that keeps them from being able to part with their belongings, (Disclaimer, we are not qualified to judge) but it surely got us thinking about what we are holding onto.  

You know the clothes that you know you will never get back into, or the 5 sets of dishes in the overflowing cabinets.  

This weekend Luis actually dived into the 5 cabinets we have full of glassware!  I know what you are thinking . . . but I am not talking about the everyday glassware, I a referring to BARWARE … you know, the wine, shot, margarita, martini, mojito, scotch glasses . . . Not to mention the gift set glasses and Oh and the antiques that are older than me!!  

We had to make decisions and compromises to keep the antiques, that I do use daily, and get rid of the gift set glasses and the triplicates of stuff we really could share with others … that we will never use.  

We have really took to heart that there is ‘stuff’ that we just do not need and we are opting to create memories for our family and one another in the years to come.  Not just in our home but living minimalistic in our Max has come to be key as well.