I had a vision

Several days ago, I was told that my ‘position’ was being eliminated.

Like so many of my friends and co-workers before me, I was filled with many emotions and quickly realized that sadness was not one of them. As others began reaching out to me and expressed their concerns, fears and disbelief about their own futures, I am reminded of my past self. Allow me to share my journey . . .

As a believer in creating your own destiny, I spent years searching for what I wanted to be when I grow up, ☺ what I envisioned my future to be like. I had everything that could possibly be important right: good health, a great husband, kids, grandkids, friends, and a job.

Then it happened, I saw it clearly. While preparing for a European trip with my husband in 2011, we purchased a new DSLR camera to replace an old 35mm (film). I was not only immediately hooked, but for the first time I saw a glimpse of my future self. Mind you, it was just a sliver, maybe a dream or a vision, but it was there. What transpired from Luis & Michelle's Mediterranean Quest Blog, I clearly saw my future self.

I would retire as a photographer, an artist, sharing my vision of the world. I will have freedom to work when, where and how I want, to earn how much I dream.

I will be the go-to partner for individuals and entrepreneurs to capture their unique inner personal message. My business will include third party endorsements and a wealth of satisfied clients.

The real measurements of success however, will be seen in celebrating life with my husband and family. We’ll host impromptu gatherings for friends and family under moonlit skies, and porch parties watching beautiful sunsets. We’ll donate to charity, we’ll volunteer for international aid, and we’ll leave the world better than we found it.

So as I leave Corporate America, I am proud of the future self I am today, and I am ready to spread my wings and see where my vision takes me. Because starting today, my dreams are limitless.